FAQ- Cotton Washable Rugs


Will the rug fit in my washing machine?

See below the capacity required for each size: 

Washable Cotton Rugs:

  • 120 x 180 cm: 6-7 kg 
  • 150 x 230 cm: 9-10 kg 
What type of detergent should I use to wash my rug or accessory?

The rugs should be washed at a maximum temperature of 30˚C, using a programme for delicate clothes. We recommend that you use a mild detergent, free of whitening agents or conditioner, to avoid any problems with the material or the colour of the product. For more details, please refer to our washing and maintenance instructions.

Can I use conditioner to wash the rugs and accessories?

Conditioner contains chemical components that may damage rugs and accessories, so it is not advisable to use them when washing. For more details, please refer to our washing and maintenance instructions.

Can I dry the rugs in a dryer?

Yes, the washable rugs can be placed in a dryer, as long as the lowest temperature setting is used. Drying the washable rugs in a dryer will make their texture even more soft and fluffy. Prior to first use, we recommend that you put your rug in a dryer for 10 minutes at a low temperature to get rid of fold creases formed during packing. For more details, please refer to our washing and maintenance instructions.

How can I store my rug and keep it in good condition?

If you want to remove your rug for a while, you can fold it and keep it in a cupboard or anywhere that is not damp or in direct sunlight. You can also roll it up to avoid the creases that come from folding, but if it is folded for a long time, you can put it in a dryer using a short programme and any creases will disappear.


My rug is a little bit longer/shorter than advertised.

Our rugs are made using artisanal methods. Each piece is cut by hand, so their size may vary slightly. 

Are the tassels included in the measurements of the rugs?

The measurements given for each rug are those of the base; they do not consider the length of the tassels.


Can my rug be placed in direct sunlight?

Sunlight may damage the colour of the rugs, because they are made from 100% natural cotton and artisanal dyes, so we recommend that prolonged exposure to sunlight is avoided. For more details, please refer to our washing and maintenance instructions.

Can I leave damp rugs in the washing machine?

We recommend that you immediately remove the rug from the washing machine when the programme ends and spread it out in a dry place to dry or put it directly into a dryer at a low temperature setting. Do not under any circumstances leave a damp rug in a washing machine after washing, because the humidity may cause the colours to run, damaging the rug’s original dyes. Don’t forget that our dyes are natural, non-toxic and made using artisanal methods. Your rug will not lose colour after washing, because all the dyes are fixed during the process of manufacture. However, this is an artisanal and delicate product that, like any natural cotton textile, requires special care to keep it looking like new. For more details, please refer to our washing and maintenance instructions.

I need an anti-slip base for my washable rug.

We offer anti-slip rug stopper that are placed underneath rugs so that, depending on the type of flooring, they do not slip in the slightest.

My rug releases fluff. Is this normal?

Our rugs are 100% natural and made in an artisanal manufacturing process, which is why the material can release fluff. Every rug is woven by hand and the details are finished off with scissors. Fluff consists of the cotton fibre that may remain trapped in the weave after putting the finishing touches to the rug. To avoid fluff, we recommend brushing the rug in the direction of the nap to gradually remove the remains that may have been left behind and using a vacuum cleaner frequently during the first few weeks.

My rug is not the same colour as the one in the catalogue.

Just like the other parts of the manufacturing process, the dyes used in our rugs and accessories are artisanal. The dyes are natural and boiled in water, before being used to dye the cotton. This is why the final colour can sometimes vary slightly. The hand-made nature of our rugs and accessories is our seal of quality: each article is unique, no two are exactly alike.